About the Posts

Where I Get This Stuff
What I write comes from my perspective as a [very flawed] Christian, wife and mom. Christian is what I am at my core. I haven't gotten it perfectly right, but I think that's the point of being a Christian. That faith permeates my life, so naturally, some it comes through in my writing. I never want to be "preachy," but you'll hear it come through every now and then.

I'm a native of Milwaukee and came of age during the shoulder-padded, greed-conscious 80's -- back when it was popular to have pancake-booty proportions, penciled lip liner inside your natural lips to make them seem thinner, and of course, feathered hair. Now, look at that picture: none of that stuff was me. So my writing comes from a place of being "ethnic" before that was en vogue.

My writing also reflects the reality of being a black woman with a white husband and biracial child living in one of the nation's most segregated cities. It's no big deal 98.2% of the time...but there's that 1.8% when the racial thing is a big deal. And when it is, it makes for some pretty interesting stories.

The Late Arrival
Here's the bottom line. I'm just trying to figure things out and sometimes it takes awhile for me to do that. I'm a little "late" in catching on.
I love writing and am doing my darndest to get better at it each day. In fact, I'm just realizing how easy it is to set up a personal blog. Yup. Just realized this in 2011. Another "late" revelation.

I'm late with a lot of realizations, far too many to mention here. So if you were wondering why the page name is what it is, now you know.