Scenes and Afterthoughts

Dodging Raindrops All Day Afterthought: Shouldda gassed up yesterday.

Freaking Out About To Do List Afterthought

Dreaded Chore Afterthought

Post-Bowling Afterthought: 9lbs feels pretty heavy when it's dropped on a foot.

Post-Peeling & Eating Afterthought: Maybe those instructions shouldn't have been taken literally.

Junkyard Field Trip Afterthought: Beauty can be found everywhere.
You just have to look for it.
Before MegaMillions Drawing Afterthought: I'll give $20,000 to...

Silly Self-Portrait Afterthought: Speak No Evil = Happy Family (pic in the background)
Thrill of the Ride Afterthought: That's a pretty steep hill.

Cool Drink Planning Afterthought: "No, I won't be the considerate one this time."

Fish Market Lunch Afterthought: That crab is kinda scary

Pre-Work Afterthought: Parking in the structure's rooftop is inconvenient.
Glimpsing eternity from the structure's rooftop is priceless, timeless and blessed.

Pre-Dinner Afterthought: Shrimpin': Part-time job & a vacation rolled into one!

Twenty-five Years Post High School Afterthought: The cafeteria's so much smaller
than I remember.

Pre-seminar Afterthought: Is Fijiian really a word?

Sunday Lunch Afterthought: Perhaps walking to the cash register to settle our check wouldn't be the worst thing after eating all we ate.

Bidding Christmas Tree Goodbye Afterthought: Pine scent in a can doesn't
hold a candle to the real thing.

School family fun night Afterthought: Gigantic inflatable firefighter dog
probably nightmare-inducing to 4K kids.

Office Window Afterthought: Don't complain about desk job.
01-18-2012 - Coldest Day of 2012