October 11, 2011

The Funny in the Funny

Life is funny...and not always in a funny way; but if you look at it from upside down, inside out and sideways, you can find the real funny in the funny.

Other times, life will send you to your knees; and that isn't always a bad thing.  When I've been on my knees, I've found a lot of the funny in the funny that didn't feel too funny while it was happening.

And I think that's how we're made.  We're supposed to find the funny, or the blessing or the lesson, or figure out that the some of the dreams we tried to chase down and were actually speeding bullets that we dodged.

Dating, death, birth, commitments, disappointments, that one guy who cried at the end of the date....yeah...they've all got a funny side.

You just have to look for 'em. 

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