November 18, 2015

Comfort Might Be Overrated: This Morning's Close Call - NaBloPoMo

One the way to school this morning, my daughter asked What's with you wanting stay in pajamas all the time?

She had a point. At that very moment, in the car, in public I was in my pajama uniform: standard t-shirt layered with a standard blue sweatshirt, my husband's standard blue sweatpants and baseball cap.

Comfort, I told her confidently. I like being comfortable. Besides, who's gonna see me? I'm only dropping you off and heading back home.

Thing is, I had heard about insanely low gas prices at a station I always pass on the way home. The car was nearing a quarter of a tank, so I stopped to fill up when I heard...


I flipped around to see a TELEVISION REPORTER and CAMERA MAN. They wanted to talk with me ON THE AIR about the cheap gas I was innocently buying while I was in my PAJAMA UNIFORM looking like this:

And mind you, it wasn't just a television reporter and camera man but a reporter with whom I had been on television back in the day when I semi-regularly looked like this.

From that point, it was kind of blurry. I remember babbling something about Oh no, see I can't be on the air because I was on the air when I didn't look like I look like right now but after all, I'm not working and all I wanted to do was be comfortable in my pajama uniform and buy cheap gas so okay please leave me alone now nice to see you too. BYE.

And then I pretty much did this.

Comfort might be overrated...but then again, I think I'll keep on taking my chances.

NaBloPoMo November 2015


  1. Ha! I would be mortified! Being on TV is NOT my favorite thing. Last year for LTYM, they only wanted one of us and I happily passed the buck onto my co-producer.

    1. The pure embarrassment mortified me, Leigh Ann...was shaking for about two hours after it happened. I'm okay with TV (provided I'm not wearing the pajama uniform) because I figure I'm just talking to cameras and not people.