November 5, 2015

Could Someone Please Open the Door - NaBloPoMo

This is ridiculously adorable. And funny. 

Go ahead and watch; it'll only take a minute.

I cried laughing the first time I saw that little fluffy dog refusing to enter the house because he needed someone to open a door that only he could see. I watched it again and laughed just as hard.

Then I looped it a third time for good measure, but that's when something eerily familiar resonated with me.

Doggone if that little dog and his invisible closed door didn't remind me of me. 

I think we've all stood on the outside, looking in and waiting for someone to open doors that existed only in our minds.

For me, the 'right time' was my door. I kept waiting for the time when we'd be more financially stable, or for the time when stress would resolve itself and then -- then I could get out of a miserable job situation and into peace of mind. 

I waited outside of that closed door only to finally realize the right time wasn't even a real obstacle. There's never a right time. The obstacle was me, but it took years for me to have the realization. Finally, I stepped through it, out of that job and walked into a better place mentally than I've been in years.

My invisible door was time, but everyone has an invisible door of one kind or another.

For some people, it's unforgiveness of words or deeds that break family bonds; for others the door is insecurity that separates them from exiting an unhealthy romantic relationship to wholeness; and still others imagine a door of past mistakes that bar them from trying something new.

I expect that little dog is still entertaining his family by stubbornly waiting for someone to open a door that isn't even there.

And I'll definitely pull up his video when I need a chuckle or two down the road...but I won't laugh too hard because I know just how the little guy feels. 

 NaBloPoMo November 2015