November 23, 2015

That's the Last Time I'll Listen to Ryan Gosling - NaBloPoMo

After leaving my job back in June, my bank account has now gone Ryan Gosling on me.

Like any red-blooded American woman, I can't resist Ryan Gosling, so I dove in.

Understand, the last time I applied for a job was fifteen years ago. FIFTEEN. It was simple back then. I'd show up with a resume and a starchy blue suit, scribble in forms with a fancy pen, sign the application and leave. There'd either be an interview call a couple days later or a thanks-but-no-thanks letter in the mail.

It was simple.

But online applications are icy cold as a Wisconsin winter and as frustrating as driving through a snowstorm in rush hour.

First, I searched. Then I refined the search by city, then I further refined by miles away from the city that I just refined. Then, I searched by industry and then refined the industry by sub-industry.

How refined of me.

After an hour, I finally found the position and description.

Press Here to Apply!

Yay! I thought, Technology really does make this easier! And I pressed here to apply.

Do you have an account?

Why no, no I don't have an account, but I'll set one up.

That was easy enough until I encountered the cryptic password guidelines which stated:
The password's third character needs to be an uppercase character followed by the eighth letter of the Albanian alphabet with an underscore followed by a numeric character that isn't between 1 and 2 million. And your password must be less than 5 characters total.

An hour later, I was signed up.

After another hour, I remembered the position for which I wanted to apply in the first place and happily hit the Press Here to Apply button; and then:

Press here to upload your resume.

Could it be that easy or are the Technology gods yanking my chain? Success! It uploaded easily.

I was about to praise technology when I was taken to a screen of fields upon fields demanding to be completed to complete the application.

Field 1: Name
Field 2: Address
Field 3: Phone Number (and alternate)
Filed 4: Please list your experience.

My name, address and phone? My experience? Didn't I just upload a resume? Is this some kind of sick joke on the unemployed?

Another two hours later and my application was finally complete.

Nearly a full day's work to get a full day's work.

Thanks a lot Ryan. Thanks a lot.

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