December 20, 2011

Where Are We Again?

What's the ZIP Code for Crazytown? Because I moved here about a week before Thanksgiving and I still don't know what it is.

Almost daily texts, email exchanges with and phone calls to my BFF have convinced me that Crazytown is population two.  She's unpacking boxes right next door to me.  From what I can tell, we're sitting on a prime piece of real estate.

Between the two of us, in the past few months, we have:
  • Loaded an offspring into the car and then gotten in to drive.  On the passenger side. When no other licensed driver was around.
  • Wandered around in a parking lot in search of a car. For an hour.
  • Put a dog on "time out" in the crate.  And then freaked out ten minutes later because the dog suddenly disappeared.
  • Been en route, uh...someplace and forgotten what the destination of intent was.
  • Seriously considered wearing Pajama Jeans.
One of the days, I'm sure we'll move away from Crazytown.  But at least we're here together right now.

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